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 Le match nul/draw

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MessageSujet: Le match nul/draw    28/8/2010, 12:30

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When you Duel at home or with your friends you can take as much time as you need to make your moves and finish the Duel. When you Duel at a tournament, there’s a limit to how much time you have to play each Match. It’s not fair for all the other Duelists or the Judges or the people holding the tournament if they have to wait for some people to finish hour long or 2 hour long Matches.
(du blabla)

Every pair of Duelists is given 40 minutes to complete their match, but if they don’t then special rules are used to decide who the winner is. Recently, these rules were changed so that it’s easier for players to end lengthy matches so that everyone can get back into the Dueling action. Here’s what happens when time runs out!
(les rondes dure 40min ...)

When the clock hits 0, an announcement will be made that time is up for the round. When that happens and you’re still Dueling, stop and make a note of whose turn it is. Then, play on and finish the turn. If neither player wins on that turn, then you play for 5 more turns. If there’s still no winner after those 5 extra turns are over, then the Duelist with the highest Life Points wins that Duel. If the Life Points are tied, then that Duel is a Draw. Neither Duelist wins or loses.
(lorsque le temps arrive a son terme, stopper le match et noter le tour du joueur actif, finissez ce tour et si aucun vainqueur n'est déclaré, 5 tours additionnels sont accordé, le duelist avec le plus de point de vie au bout de ces 5 tours est le vainqueurs, sinon match nul)

After you decide the winner of the Duel you were just playing, you need to figure out who wins the Match. Whoever won the most Duels in the Match wins the Match. If that’s a tie, then the Match is a Draw and neither Duelist wins or loses (you don’t even start the third Duel).
(si vous gagnez la 1ere manche par exemple, et que la seconde se finit au time et que vous perdez, il n'y a pas de 3eme manches, le match est un draw=égalité, fallait jouer plus vite)

(la suite concerne les tops 8/16/32)
You can’t have a Draw if you’re in the playoffs (like the Top 8 or Top 32) of a tournament, or if you’re playing in a tournament where the loser of each Match is eliminated. In those cases there has to be a winner, so here’s how you decide who it is. First, finish the turn. If neither player wins on that turn, play for 3 more turns and if neither player has won yet after that, then check both players’ Life Points. Whoever has more Life Points wins the Duel. If the Life Points are tied, you keep playing until one Duelist has more Life Points than the other and there are no effects that still need to resolve. The Duelist with more Life Points then wins that Duel.

Then, you look at the number of Duels each Duelist has won as normal. If that’s tied, then you start a special Duel to decide the winner. You can’t use your Side Deck before this Duel, and it lasts for only 4 turns. After the 4th turn is over, if neither Duelist has won, then the Duelist with the most Life Points wins. If the Life Points are tied, then you keep playing until someone has more Life Points and there are no effects waiting to resolve. The person with more Life Points then wins the Duel and the Match.

Deciding a winner this way isn’t as exciting as finishing the Duel itself, so practice hard so that you can make all the best moves without taking too much time. You’ll be a better Duelist, and you won’t have to worry about running out of time!

C'est regles ont ete mis en place au Championnat du monde 2010 et sont d'hors et déja en vigueur aux Etats-Unis.

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Le match nul/draw
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